AAA App Redesign

UX, UI, Mobile


A proposed redesign of the current AAA app that connects AAA members with the emergency services they pay for on a mobile platform so that they can be used on-the-go. It directly addresses pain points found in the existing experience and UI.

Motivation for Redesign

  • AAA lists the number one reason users purchase membership is for its roadside assistance services.

  • Several competing apps for emergency roadside assistance do not require memberships to access the same assistance.

  • To make it worth the cost of membership, AAA’s roadside assistance app should have improved experience over the options not behind a paywall.


Use Cases

I want to request help as fast as possible so I can minimize the time I have to wait for help.

I want to be able to quickly communicate the issue my vehicle is having so I can receive appropriate help.

I want confirmation that my service request has been successfully received so that I can have peace of mind knowing help is on the way.

I want an accurate ETA for the service vehicle’s arrival so that I can appropriately plan how it will affect my day.

UX Approach

To encourage users to find more value in their membership and make them more likely to renew, the redesign will:

  1. Break current app content up into separate emergency and non-emergency apps to make it easier to request emergency assistance.

  2. Allow users to input specific information about their emergency so the roadside assistance technician sent out can provide relevant service.

  3. Redesign the request flow so users can request service as quickly/with as few taps as possible. A service technician can then be sent out faster reducing wait times and improving the experience.

Three early protoype screens that display the log in process.

Provide a log in option where users take a picture of their membership card and their membership number is auto-filled. This addresses user feedback about confusion in finding membership information and eliminates frustrating typos.

The option to log in manually or call to place a service request can still be accessed immediately if preferred by the user.

Three early protoype screens that demonstrate the two-gesture service request.

Whether a vehicle is 2 or 4WD is crucial to what kind of service vehicle can safely tow them. Marking whether a vehicle is 2 or 4WD is now a required part of the vehicle’s profile instead of a side note at the end of the service request.

By reviewing and prioritizing what information is necessary to send appropriate service for the emergency, it now takes a minimum of 2 taps after log in to request service rather than original 6 tap minimum.

Lowering the number of taps required to put in a request could lead to accidental service requests and frustration, so the final request confirmation is a swipe since it is a more deliberate motion.

Four early protoype screens that show how to describe vehicle problems in a service request.

Standard AAA service vehicles are equipped for several types of vehicle emergencies, so many problems can be described after the initial service request.

This means that help is already on the way while the user adds notes to their request, lowering the amount of time users spend on an emergency overall.


After submitting the service request, the confirmation message now includes an a large and highly visible ETA. The ETA stays as the user navigates throughout the app until the request is fulfilled.

App Flow

A flow chart describing multiple paths users might take to request emergency vehicle service from opening the app to submitting all info.

UI Approach

A sample of AAA National web branding including their blue and red color palette and Roboto font options.

AAA National's web presence and branding should be continued in the roadside assistance app to both strengthen brand recognition and encourage user trust based on AAA’s reputation. The UI is centered around AAA's traditional red and blue combined with contemporary, easy-to-read type.

A full screen and detail view of the app's service request submission with branding.
A full screen and detail view of the app's vehicle problem options with branding.
A full screen and detail view of the app's map and vehicle location with branding.